The Word Comes Alive

There are moments in ministry there are clear reminders of why I love being a pastor. Recently I have had a couple of “God Moments” revolving around people discovering their Bible again for the first time. One has been some of our small group students beginning to read their Bibles and getting into it. I had a conversation with a parent who was telling me that her daughter was so excited because she read the creation account from one of the Live Bibles that we use in our student ministry and the scripture came alive in a new way. I noticed that her (the daughter) excitement then got the family excited and there was a feeling of what is God going to do next.

So it got me thinking about the way a new perspective, or a more accessible translation of scripture can totally open our eyes to what God has in store for us. So I have a question:

What Bible do you tend to use the most?

Are their any commentary or Bible study tools that you really love?

Let me know.

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  1. We use the Live bible for youth stuff, and I tend to grab my New Interpreter’s study bible” for more traditional sermon prep if I am not using my Bible software.

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