Messy Spirituality and the conspiracy of grace

Messy Spirituality cover I feel like there are some things in life that cross our paths multiple times for a reason. Maybe it is to make amends with a friend that we have wronged, perhaps it is a song that reminds of of our heritage, and others cross our paths because we need to listen again to what they are saying to us.

This book, Messy Spirituality,is one of those things that seems to resurface time and time again throughout the churning chop of my comings and goings. Every time I revisit this wonderful book I find something new. As if the message was hiding for me within the pages waiting for this time to be the time I discover yet another layer in the insight of Mike Yaconelli. Mike is one of those writers that when I read his text I feel like I can her is voice through the tattered pages of the text. His claim to fame is that he was kicked out of 2 bible schools and never ordained (until the Adventists got a hold of him). He is one of the founders of Youth Specialties, one of the best youth ministry resources in the world.

The thing that has struck me on this go round with the text is his term “conspiracy of grace.” He tells stories about the way that we can see God’s grace through messiness of life. When is the last time you experienced the gift of grace in such a powerful way? How has God surprised you unexpectedly?

This past Tuesday a conspiracy of Grace got its hands on me through a kindergartener named Maggie. She is a wonderfully beautiful girl with special needs and an unlikely candidate for one to think about when you are in need of a pick me up. Though I had not met her before she brought with her a soothing reminder of God’s unconditional love for me. She climbed into my arms, hung on to my legs and made me feel special. What a wonderful lesson from a very unlikely source. I have been a victim of a conspiracy of grace this week, how about you?