An Experiment in Sharing Life Together

me and snappy For some time now I have had this idea of beginning a blog (not that anyone would read it). I feel there there is at least some potential for some real community to develop thorough this blog. This is not a blog about the goings on at Middletown United Methodist. It is not a place where you can catch up on the latest church gossip. Rather it is just my attempt a logging my spiritual journey. As an ulterior motive I am hoping that it is going to help me develop a more discipline journaling routine. Though the content may not be ground breaking and even random at times I hope that a relationship between author and reader can develop… This is kind of a new concept for me, letting the world into my somewhat isolated train of thought, but I am hopeful that there will be some benefit (if only for me) in keeping track of this adventure of faith. I have been doing a great deal of study recently and I have come to the conclusion that story is a huge part of our faith journey. This is why we say that our faith is a journey and not all about the destination. I want to share my story with you so that you may be able to see God working in new ways. I hope that you are then able to share your story with me. Through the common sharing of story we are able to incorporate one another’s stories into the larger picture of God’s story (aka the master plan).

Jesus was a wonderful story teller. He would make teachings come alive and the most mundaine scenes into the most liberating and enlightening teaching tools imaginable. Let us share in the story of our faith with vigor and wonder for it is the most important story ever told.