Time to train

As the weather has been getting colder this year I have been trying to get back into a running routine. For the past couple of years my fitness has been limited to the basement and my bike trainer. This is because when I have tried to run or bike outside when it is cold outside I have the hardest time trying to breath.
So this year I attacked the seasons change with renewed vigor and decided that I needed a game plan. So I have been gradually running further and further as the weather has been getting colder and colder. Yesterday I went on a run for about five miles or so in temperatures in the mid 20’s. Not the most exciting thing, I know, but it was for me.
I know that without thinking ahead I wouldn’t have been able to magically run in the colder weather. Another part of the puzzle is that I am dressing smarter. These clothes help keep the wind off of my core and keep me warm so that I don’t feel asthmatic when I run.
As we enter the new year and we have all kinds of resolutions, we need to have a plan to get were we want to be. We need to be willing to train to meet the goals we set, and we need to think about the tools we will clothe ourselves with so that we can be as successful as possible.
This year I am reading through my bible as another way to train in my faith life. I have a great translation of scripture, the new living translation, and a reading plan to keep pace of the year. I am excited about this addition to my daily reading because this adds a different kind of purpose to my daily devotion and it makes sure I read a well rounded selection of scripture rather than just my personal favorites.
This new year may you train well and dedicate your selves to meeting your goals.

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