screening a new way of promotion

lastnight i was able to try out my new screen printing toy called yudu. this is a really slick machine that can screen anything that you can get to hold paint. i thought it was going to be somthing tricky to do but now that i have done it once i think i can whip out some really cool stuff for fun shirts. i am interested in the possabiliites of what this could be for church promo stuff. you make your design on the computer and then are able tocreate a screen from the digital art…this is great for me because i am not that artistic. we will see what comes from this

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  1. cool !!! need some life force hoodies, t-shirts, and something that says ” brother can you spare a dime ?” for our change for change campaign. :o)

    1. Mark, what would a tee look like for the Jeans collection that we are going to be doing?
      All I can think of are mildly inappropriate

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