Rockstar or social worker

MSW-IG-Social-Work-101-600This week I am preaching on the triumphal entry.  This is the part of the biblical narrative where Jesus rides a donkey, or colt into Jerusalem.  In my sermon prep and research for this week, I have been struck by the the disconnect between the way we celebrate rockstars vs the people who are fighting for social change in the trenches every day.

This week I think part of the sermon is going to allude to the way that we fall all over ourselves for people who make music, art or other forms of creative expressions as if they are on a wonderful crusade.  It is important to note that some artists are working for social change and advocacy.  Yet the fact is we give much more press, celebration and acclaim to these folks than we do the civil servants (social workers, firefighters, police officers, EMTs…).

In this kind of thinking I thought about the influential bands and artists I could name (a good number), contrasted with the number of social workers I could name (none, unless you count family members).

This weekend we are going to be using this discrepancy to illustrate difference between being in love with God and falling in love with God.

Come and see the difference.


The Infographic came from USCSocialWork.  Check out the Original article fromcan be found here:

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  1. Hi Chris,
    Thank you so much for the work you do to better our community every day! I am the community manager for the USC School of Social Work and I want to thank you for sharing our Social Work 101 Infographic.

    I noticed that there isn’t a link to the original source — do you think it would be possible to add that in case someone is interested in learning more after reading your article? The Original article can be found here:

    Thank you again for spreading awareness!

    In solidarity,
    MSW@USC Community Manager

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