A little while back I tried the cloud based note keeping service called Evernote.  It was ok.  I would save some things and go back to it from time to time.  It was…well…fine.

I think my lack luster relationship with it was that I was using it at the time before a smartphone, before a tablet/other connected devices.  So basically it was just like my browser’s bookmarks.

About a month ago I tried it again.  I read up on the “best practices” and some creative uses for Evernote and then jumped in.  I am loving it.  Some of the things I am using it for are:

  • Jotting down ideas about sermons
  • capturing websites, articles and other things for leadership development
  • I can forward important project emails to it.
  • draft blog post ideas
  • record audio as notes with searchable tags.
  • take pictures of receipts (which i always lose) for later on.
  • ….the list goes on

People describe this service as a second brain.  It is but it doesn’t forget, hence the elephant logo.  However this is not to say that I will now not forget.

Give it a shot and enjoy 🙂