About a week ago I thought my laptop was dying.  Every time I powered it up to get started working the battery was dead.  I have a spare and swapped out the battery thinking that was the problem and the same thing happened with the second battery.  I the morning it woudl be out of juice.  I was dreading having to look into getting a new machine.  Ok, truth be told I would love the looking but just not the price tag.

Then one night while writing some thank out notes I realized that my “sleeping” laptop would suddenly turn on after being asleep for about 15 minutes.  Then it would stay on until the battery was exhausted.  This would happen when i woudl throw the computer in my messenger bag and leave to go to work too.

After some digging I found that the dongle that my wireless mouse was emitting a signal that would wake up the laptop, even when I wasn’t using the mouse.  So I disabled the function that woudl wake the computer upon the movement or click of the mouse.  I thought that woudl have done it but the problem persisted.  Then I read that the wireless adapter not only assigned a signature for a mouse but a keyboard too even though i didn’t use a wireless keyboard.  So I had to disable the same function but for the the keyboard.

I tell this story to ask a question.  Do you ever feel drained for unknown reasons?  Do you feel like you have to power down because you are exhausted?

What might be draining your battery and you hadn’t thought to diagnose the problem?  It might be not getting enough sleep or it might be a relationship that is eating away at you.

What are you going to do to disable the things that are draining your power or stealing your joy?  Make a list or try something to help you retain that charge you have because you have too much to do to let other things or people drain you unduly.