odd inspiring

At church we have a little book group on Goodreads that we are trying out.  We are reading a little book by Mike Yaconelli called Messy Spiritually.  When getting together today’s questions for the discussion I was reading over the chapters again and came across this gem”

[blockquote source=”Mike Yaconekki”]Churches are not only awe inspiring; They are odd inspiring, attracting and earthly assortment of Jesus followers.  [/blockquote]

Thinking back to this past weekend’s worship experience finds this quote to be true.  We played games, sung songs, danced, cried, laughed and poured ourselves out to embody what it is to be a disciple of Jesus.

There are times where I am blown away that I get to do this “odd job” for a living.  I am so proud to be the pastor of the FaithPoint community.  We are striving to be odd because odd means we are doing ministry in ways that have not been done yet.  In 2000 years of the church existing there are still creative ways to connect with those who have not yet made the God connection.

If we are odd in the ways we live our call and reach those who need to connect then more power to us.  There are hundreds of churches doing the same stuff with the same results.  But to do something different we need to own our personal oddness and invite others into the adventure of life with God.