New Kind of Christianity

I recently picked up Brian McLaren’s newest book again.  I had started reading it a couple of weeks ago at night and now it has made its way to the daytime reading list (more or less because I have a really bad book that the conference is requiring us to read and I am putting it off).

I have always thought that McLaren’s books are accessible to someone who is not a churchgoer, and at times they would favor some one who is not steeped in the language of the church.

This book is no exception.  As you read through the pages (I am only 100 pages or so into it right now) one can see Brian’s heart for reform in the church.  I love they way that he seems to address issues from an angel that I have not thought about before.

McLaren seeks out to answer 10 questions that are transforming faith.  Some of these questions address how we read and understand the Bible, is God violent, how we can address human sexuality in a real way, how Christians can relate to other people, and so on.

I have been looking at doing a Bible study on one of McLaren’s books and this might just be the one.

If you have read this or have thoughts on Brian’s work let me know I would love your feedback.