Getting back in the groove

I have been neglecting some of my revbishop time for the past couple of weeks because of the roof situation, absence of the senior pastor, the beginning of lent, cleaning the house for the new pastor to have a walk through, getting the call that Katie is going to be reappointed, a sick daughter, youth rally, and prep for my session on worship at Messiah’s Youth Worker conference, and some other stuff.

To make up for some lost time in the mist of all the stuff and a desire to get some stability back I needed to post something. So here are a couple of things that are going on that in the middle of the chaos I have been really excited about.

  • I have been spending time over at moderating a blog for our lenten study go have a peek.
  • We are doing a youth small group on Mark Batterson’s book Primal.  I am developing a reading guide if you would like to do it with your youth check it out here…it is a great book and there is wonderful conversation to come out of it about loving God and others.
  • Confirmation retreat was modified because of the state of the building, but still a ton of fun.  Note: if you are trying to make “slime” pudding, food coloring and applesauce make a wonderful mess.
  • We had a video scavenger hunt and my thoughts before hand were “This is either going to be really really great or really really bad.”  Turned out way more fun than I thought.
  • My new idea for youth group planning is a somewhat open source model where the kids are given the theme for the evening and some scripture and they come up with the game, worship music and drama if applicable.  the message is still done by youth leaders or SLT members.
  • Had a wonderful bridal shower for 2 young adult couples with comments that are a little to steamy for the blog (sorry, you should have been there).
  • Have had some great ideas about what to do with the sanctuary while there is still no flooring.
  • Want to make a prayer wall with one of the sheet of plywood laying around the church.
  • With each passing day I long for the snow to melt on the mountain so I can go ride in the watershed.

I am hoping to get some of the other posts that i have in my draft bin into full fledged posts soon.

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  1. Hi Chris, I am not sure how I found this blog from facebook but just reading your post made me tired. I am so sorry about the roof but I am glad no one was injured. I will put you guys on my/the church prayer list. Hang in there, I know you know that God has it all covered but life can wear on you when things pile up. Let me know if there is anything I can do from Pinch, WV!

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