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The past few months have been filled with computer issues.  We had a hard drive go at work with some really important data on it (thankfully it was backed up), there have been a couple of bad viruses that have gotten on a couple of others of my friends, the power connector inside the laptop, memory has gone bad, another bad drive in an xbox, even printers have been acting up. 

As I learn and dabble more and more with computer repair (because I calling repair guys is really expensive) I have come to realize that interchangeable parts are such a blessing. 

Working on my last project I thought about how we need to have interchangeability in ministry.  Maybe redundancy is a better term for it.  But how are we backing up our programming so that it will not crumble?  If you have something that takes you are another leader out of the picture for a week, month or year how will that impact the ministry. 

I am striving to be better at this and thinking about how to make more interchangeable (or place sharing) ministry.  One of phrases we talk about in camping ministry and in our Safe Sanctuary conversations it is: “don’t be the last to know.”  Always tell someone else what is going on, so that there are others who can fill in details or know what is going on.

How are you making your ministry redundant?

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