Faith Lab: Spiritual Orphans

talk Some thoughts on the directions of youth ministry and if we are leading with faith or marketing.  Take a look and then let me know your thoughts on the directions that we are going in.

Where do we go?  How do we rethink the way that we do youth ministry, church and spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth?

One Reply to “Faith Lab: Spiritual Orphans”

  1. I think the issue is that churches today are not meeting the needs of God’s people. Many people, not just the youth who are now college/post-college young adults, are spiritual orphans. Our church needs to be experiential, it needs to be a venue where connection to God happens all the time… and sometimes that is through pudding which leads to laughter and sometimes it is through sitting in silence. BUT ALWAYS it is through prayer and planning on the part of the leadership.

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