deoderant faith

deo     So the other day I was faced with a bit of a predicament.  You see Katie and I were in a rush to depart for a very important engagement, and I had just come in from a hike with the dog, and both Kronk and I were muddy from head to tail.  In a furry I took a shower, picked out clothes, and raced to find deodorant do that I didn’t smell like my canine companion the entire night.  On the dresser? In the bathroom?  In my travel bag?  Oh where, oh where is my deodorant.  I felt like Bob looking for his hairbrush.  Finally, I saw it…Katie’s powder fresh Dove deodorant.  At last a glimmer of hope.  So now what to do?

Thinking on my feet and unencomberd of shame and all things decent due to my work in youth ministry I snatched up the stick of iron fortified freshness.  Slathering it on my pits I had found a solution to what could have been a very odoriferous outing.  We arrived to our destination on time and all was right and well with the world.

But here is the Kicker!!!    Throughout the night a plesant aroma  tickled my olfactory senses.  I told my loving wife she smelled very nice that evening (a couple of times).  Then i smelled it when she was not around.  Finally I realize the delicate bouquet was emanating from….me of all places.  Man I smelled pretty.

I got to thinging about this for a little while.  why do we wear deodorant?  Is it for us or for others around us?  I have come to the conclusion that on the personal hygiene front it is the others that are of paramount concern.  But, what about our faith?  Do we play the part of the Christian for the edification of others?  Do we boast and take pride in the show of religion?  Or do we delight in our own religious aroma.  Are we people of faith because we delight in being children of God, or because it makes us smell sweeter to the others around us?

I would think that the answer is obvious, but at times when I stop to look around I am not so sure.  Defiantly not a sermon, just a thought (and perhaps a scary look at how everything is theological in my world).