dancing in the rain…well more like gross pipe water but who’s counting?

    A couple of days ago I notices that our washing machine had leaked a little bit. No big deal I thought because I was the one that was doing the laundry and i most likely filled the machine too full with clothes and detergent. I didn’t think much of it at the time….but I couldn’t have been more wrong (dramatic music da da dummmmmmmb)

The next day (yesterday) I did another load and noticed it was still a little wet but not as bad. Then i went into the bathroom downstairs and noticed a puddle of water there too. Strange, but when we moved in there was a leaky seal (as in connection and not the sea lion variety) that the trustees took care of. I turned the water off and continued about my day.

That night I went to check on the two rooms to see if anything had changed. There was some water on the floor of each of the rooms, but it seemed like it was seeping out of the walls? It reminded me of the ghostbuster’s movie when the slime was oozing our of everything. I looked at the laundry room ceiling and saw that the dry wall was bubbling with water. Now anyone who was with M-town UMC when we were building knows that this is not a good sign. So I did what any self respecting youth pastor with a 10th grade mentality and a pre-K understanding of how things work would have done and I poked the bubble. Promptly a stream of rust colored liquid came our of the freshly opened wounded in the ceiling. Oh poo I thought (because this was right under the upstairs bathroom). Late i found out it was in deed just water and I (in a moment of genius) placed a bucket under the bubble before my watery super poke.

Today I told the church about our quagmire and they promptly handled the situation and after a day of trustees, plumbers and wet sandals we have been left with a couple of big holes and wet carpet. The guys that were working on the pipes today said that we are probably going to have to re-drywall most of the laundry room and some of the bathroom.

Th only thing that I can think about (besides being greatcoats we are renting and now owners) is how long the leak has been seeping through the layers of the house to finally be viable through the bubbling dry wall. What a wonderful illustration for the way that temptation seeps through the smallest most inconspicuous places in our lives and then ruins a while section of who we are. Sorry for the pastor moment I could help it. To make up for it, here of some picture osfthe damage (carnage photos are always my fav.)

celing 1celing 2bathroom