Pass it on

lunchOn Sunday I met Katie and Eden for lunch at McDonald’s for a very fancy meal (oh yeah big spenders). We sat down, ate and watched people play with the giant slide puzzle (you can see a guy with camo on playing with it in the pic).

We had a delightful meal and then Katie went to a meeting and Eden and I finished our food, but not before something struck me.  Eden was eating only her bun with Ketchup on it. This is
not something that is very strange I guess but it got me thinking. Katie loves Ketchup sandwiches. I was mesmerized but the fact that Eden was chomping down on a Ketchup soaked piece of bread.

I had just read a passage from Deutoeronmy 6 the day before where the people of Israel are being told how to pass on their faith to the next generation. Here is what it says:

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last friday katie and I allong with a bunch of other young adult clergy went to manadokin for a day to talk about…being young clergy SHOCKER. but the best part was bering able to go on the zip line and having fun exploring the camp. this was something that i always wanted to do when i was in camp but never got to. it was a fun time, and i even snaped a picture of katie as she crossed over to the zip.

Reading for betterness

I think that this is one of the best articles that i have read in a long time.  It is just a reminder of the importance of reading.  I think that i feel most in the groove and pleased with the ministry that i am doing when I am really attacking a couple of books when i am at home. 

When work seems to overwhelm me and my books take a back seat i feel less productive.  So I encourage you to pick up a book

Training in the Art of Reading |

Most youth directors I have met are frustrated…

…frustrated that their churches seem stuck in “the way it’s always been done, ”
…frustrated that the wheels of the church grind so slowly forward,
…frustrated about feeling stuck, powerless to bring about any real change.

But the few youth leaders I’ve met who know how to catalyze and navigate strategic change tend to have one odd quality in common: They are readers.

The Smell of Fall

Today as i went out to the car and began getting things ready for the day I caught wind of a fire heating a near by home.  Fireplaces are one of the tell tail signs for me that winter is on the way and fall is here.  I can’t wait for the leaves to change and the valley to be filled with wonderful color.  🙂
I hope to get out and take some pictures of the sun set one evening soon. 
Tomorrow I am going to be Scrubbing Up with Katie and other pastors to visit the OR at the Hagerstown Hospital.  Woot should have a pic or two from that

eden in her cape

eden in her cape

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So i am listening to an audio book called Eldest, it is kind of like a lord of the rings series. So i thought that it would be fun to dress eden in her cape instead of her big brown coat today. I thought that she was hind of like my little elf. I thought that this was a fun picture of her going to PTO today. something just for fun