My top things

    Through my time on paternity leave I have learned more things than I could have ever imagined.   Things about Life, love, babies and God.  Here are the top ten pearls of wisdom I have gathered while at home getting to know my daughter… Continue reading “My top things”

Back in the saddle

I am sitting at my desk at work right now back for the first official time since I took my paternity leave.  I am glad to be back, but in know that I will greatly miss all of the time that I have been able to spend with my beautiful little girl.  I am excited to see what is to come in the future and feel refreshed (sleep deprived as I am) to get back into the ministry at MUMC.

The Gospel According to a Cable Guy

larry So after a party at our house the other day Katie and I were “cleaning” up from our 25 guests, and some how CMT was on the TV. Now I have to say that Country Music TV doesn’t frequent the Bishop house, but when it is pushing 1:15 in the morning and you are trying to put up the show of cleaning up CMT is attractive to me as a bug light is to a moth.

On the boob tube was the CMT version of True Hollywood Story about Larry the Cable Guy. Larry’s real name is Daniel Lawrence Witney. During the show Daniel talked about some of the things that he did early in his career. He said that when he was in college every day he would call into radio stations and talk about some of the things that happened in the news the day before. He said that it would take a couple of hours each day to write the material, and he would have to be funny for 3 minutes a day. Everyday he has new material. Every day he understood who he was as a comic a little bit more.

Now at 1:45 in the morning I thought that this was the coolest thing ever (primarily because it meant that I didn’t have to wrangle the leftover fondue). But then, after a couple of hours of sleep, I got to thinking about the dedication we have of crafting our skills. Those skills may be learning accounting, practicing sermons, new graphic design ideas or even coming up with new poo jokes. But, what if we were to dedicate an hour or so to seeking God every day so that we would know ourselves as a child of the creator a little bit better each day? Each day we could come to God with questions that we have from the day before. Maybe we wouldn’t get the answers we thought we would, other days we may feel like we bombed, but at the end of the day we would find out something that drops the veil hiding us from the Almighty a little bit more and we could see God more clearly for who God is and not what we make the Creator to be.

Fragging our way into the New Year

katie halo

The past couple of days Katie and I have teamed up to stomp the competition in some serious Halo 3 action.  Halo is Katie’s new found love.  She has given the game a serious shot and now we have been playing all of the time.  Usually I have the baby strapped to my chest in one of her packs.  Eden sleeps as her parents rid the galaxy of meanies.  🙂