Faith Lab: The Question

101_6245So the picture to the left is the current state of the Xbox360 at the Bishop home.  A little while ago we had the spinner go out of the Xbox and so the ability to play a disk became impossible (because it couldn’t spin).  As of late the Xbox has become a way that we stream Netflix to our bedroom because we don’t have cable there. 

Because of some recent game releases and my desire to play online with some friends, I have taken it upon myself to fix the beast.  The warranty is up and I don’t want to spend $150 and lose 8 weeks in official repair cost, so what is there to lose? 

101_6248Something struck me as I dismantled the sleek and nice looking case was that the core of the machine is a very simple computer of sorts.  So this got me thinking about the core of of a question Jesus asks his disciples. 

“Who Do You Say I AM?”

Our answer to this question will speak volumes about our personal witness and faith and the shape of our ministry.  Is Jesus a teacher, friend, guide, healer, redeemer, sustainer, revolutionary, or primarily  something else to you? 

Jesus resonates in many ways with many people and each way can be alright.  But then as people who work with student we MUST have an answer to this question and we have to be able to articulate it to our students, their parents and anyone else who asks. 

Take some time this week to write down who Jesus is to you and why you place your trust in God.  Then try and share this with someone (it could be your friend, spouse, cat…).  The more you tell it the more you will be comfortable and own it.  The first 5 times will be very hard, and the next 5 you will be able to go off script.  After telling your core story 10 times you will own it. 

When you can tell your story to those who care about you are are willing to invest relationship time with you, then they will be willing to consider responding to the relational invitation of God through the person of Jesus.  And in this invitation we are living our the call to journey with one another toward deeper discipleship.