Just Falling Forward

**if you have 5 min play the video below.  You can do work on other tabs or play it in the background, but do yourself the favor of listening**

I haven’t posted something here in a while, but have some things simmering.

However, this past weekend warrants more than a passing social media post.

Following worship I received more positive feedback than usual about the service, and it was nice.  But, it had little to do with me.

Pastor Mike Slaughter said that the job of his worship team is to get him to the goal line, and to score he just has to fall forward when he is preaching.

Well that happened this weekend in spades.  It starts with our worship design team and goes to our admin and communications folks who send out weekly emails and have input about the bulletin.  Then on Sunday, our mobile ministry team, hospitality, greeters, band, lead worshipers, audio and video engineers, nursery and children’s ministry staff come together to do some heavy lifting.  Also, those people who remind me what I have forgotten or make sure I don’t fumble during worship. They are invaluable even when they don’t carry an official title.

Below is a little video that began ad a mid week text message about a song that “might fit for this week.” And it turned into this:

Thanks for helping me fall in the right direction this week team!

Faith Lab: Shaping Worship

April Fools Fuel 2012-1189

I love the adventure of shaping and facilitating worship.  This is a picture from our last youth worship service.  The goal of the service was to capture the drama and emotion of all of Holy week.  We began on Palm Sunday, and people even threw their hoodies and jackets on our road to Jerusalem (see pic).  Here we also had students write reasons they wave their palms for God.  Then we moved to the upper room and had communion.  From there we had a service of light and good friday liturgical readings. We then had students write on a dry erase board the things that separate them from God.  Finally we ended worship with Easter and the proclamation that the tomb was not only empty because god overcomes death, but also because God’s love for us wins even in the face of death and humiliation. 

I thought it was very cool and the students took to it as well.  

What have you done to shape your programs that has worked?