Throwback Vid

I was looking over some of the videos from the past years and I saw this one.  Does anyone remember what we used it for?  i remember shooting it, but I can’t for the life of me remember where we shot it.  The part with Victoria walking down the hall kind of sums it up, so was there more of a talk afterwards?

The other night Eden and I were going through a couple of more recent youth videos and she saw this one and wanted to play it.  She thought it was so silly and wondered why everyone was wearing those silly clothes. She loved the earrings though.

no matter what we used it for it is a classic.


Here is a little paddling video I cut up from a while back to loop before worship this weekend.  We are kicking off a new teaching series.  This weekend we are talking about going with the flow.

Powerful missional discipleship

How would you define disciple? Disciples and discipleship come in all shapes and sizes.

This past week I have had a couple of conversations about discipleship and some others about the use of facilities (both church and personal).  This video seems to be a great combination of a couple of the conversations I have had.  This is just one very bold example of the way discipleship happens day to day.  Look what can happen when divisions of church life and personal life are faded.

This is not a model that would work for everyone (leader or disciple) but it is neat to see the Spirit working.  Reminds me that the diversity of gifts meets the diversity of needs in the kingdom work.  Take a look at the video and tell me what you think.