Ministry Tools: FinePix xp20

FinePix XP20I am loving this little camera that I got for my birthday this year.  Katie got it for me thinking about camp,and the fact that I am rough on things. 

It is one of those cameras that is waterproof, freeze proof, impact resistant and dustproof.  I have been sticking it in my bag and taking tons of pictures and not having to worry about it when we do things like slip and slides, water balloons, shaving cream sculpting and other fun things at youth group.  Plus the impact resistance means that I can give it to Eden (my 4 year old) or one of my students and I don’t have to worry about it getting dropped and broken. 

It is really handy to have around.  I feel like there should be a little youth ministry seal of approval on items that can stand up to the riggers of student life. 

I also have an eye-fi card in it so that I can wirelessly sync the photos from the card to my laptop.  That way I can get the pictures off without having to worry about getting the guts wet after getting out of the pool.  It is the simple stuff that I like. 

Eden refers to it as hers so you know it is great.