Always on guard

20120507bethany at home-DSC_1805Kronk (our dog) is such an interesting bird. When Eden came home for the first time 4 1/2 years ago he was excited and he thought that she was a new friend to play with.  He was also very kind and was never rough with her. 

As we we have been getting ready for Bethany to come into the picture this time,he has been great.  He would snuggle Katie in the bed while she was on bed rest and he was never too far from her side. 

So a couple of days when Bethany came home we were excited about his reaction.  Once again he took up his post as protector and shepherd of this little bundle.  This picture was taken the first night (about 2am) where he sat and laid all night beside her. 

20120508bethany at home-DSC_1809This second picture is from this morning when Katie got up and he figured he would take the next shift of watching the baby and snuggle down on the couch.  He reminds me of the dog from the Disney version of Peter Pan (nana) who took care of the kids.  What an adventure that the WHOLE Bishop family is on. 

April fool a little late

April Fools Fuel 2012-1176I love that my small group students would care enough to take the time to totally destroy my office like this.  I am still unwrapping things. They took the time to wrap up my books, individual DVDs, my phone, funeral shoes, bobble head Jesus (which they think is a sin), and much much more, 

They even took pictures and video of the vandalism.  Best prank ever 🙂

The Gospel in 140…Go

wordle_gospel_smallIn the age of twitter, how would you proclaim the Good News with only 140 characters? 

Redirecting to external links doesn’t count. 

Today the amount of written material and media is astounding.  Most of it is just background noise to us.  It is hard to have something that passes through our filters and then makes an impression.  It seems that there is great value in short and sweet.

So with 140 characters PROCLAIM the WORD!


Eden playset

The past couple of days have been a true gift. 

Friday was my Sabbath and it was filled with a little work while Eden was in preschool, then we went to chuck “e” cheese and we suppressed Eden with a playmate there with one of her best friends, then we played outside where we got this pic.  Eden put herself down for a nap and I took a great 7.5 mile run that ended with the assistance of a headlamp.  Dinner was amazing too. 

Saturday was more of the same with a family hike, some Toy Story mania on Wii.  Katie was trying to work and then she was playing 2 players at the same time (see pic). 

The Dog even has loved this little bit of spring before real winter has come. 

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Ministry Tools: FinePix xp20

FinePix XP20I am loving this little camera that I got for my birthday this year.  Katie got it for me thinking about camp,and the fact that I am rough on things. 

It is one of those cameras that is waterproof, freeze proof, impact resistant and dustproof.  I have been sticking it in my bag and taking tons of pictures and not having to worry about it when we do things like slip and slides, water balloons, shaving cream sculpting and other fun things at youth group.  Plus the impact resistance means that I can give it to Eden (my 4 year old) or one of my students and I don’t have to worry about it getting dropped and broken. 

It is really handy to have around.  I feel like there should be a little youth ministry seal of approval on items that can stand up to the riggers of student life. 

I also have an eye-fi card in it so that I can wirelessly sync the photos from the card to my laptop.  That way I can get the pictures off without having to worry about getting the guts wet after getting out of the pool.  It is the simple stuff that I like. 

Eden refers to it as hers so you know it is great. 

Fruit Cocktail tree

In some of the research that I have been doing about orchards I found out about "fruit cocktail" trees.  These are multiple different kinds if trees that are grafted together to make a hybrid tree. I have heard of people having five kinds of fruit coming from one tree.
The scripture we were using for the series was John 15 I am the vine you are the branches and the fruit of the spirit from Galatians. Kind of gives a new read to it