A Final FOA2014… Thank You

I have had a couple of days to reflect upon the ride this past weekend and the only words that come to mind are thanks.
Many thinks to those who began the ride partnership ahead of me so that I could come into the fold and not have to invent something new, but just be another making the journey along side of the rides that have gone the path before.
Thanks to those who gave financially so that I could have the opportunity to ride with such an amazing group of men and women. Meeting and getting to know a little part of the stories of those who have served our nation and those ride beside in support of the service men and women has been truly remarkable.
Many thanks to those who took me under their wing and showed me the ropes of the ride as we passed some of the most powerful reminders, memorials and countryside our area has to offer.
Thanks to Team FaithPoint who came out to serve and were able to show others what a church community in action can look like. From those who rode with us and those who were some of the first cheering faces in DC, Frederick and Gettysburg.
Some huge thanks to John, who allowed me to ride with and help push for 12 miles of hills on Sunday. And a thank you to Manny who got you to come. You guys were so gracious in allowing me to be part of the tribe of the weekend.

This was a very powerful 112 miles of blessing that reminded me of the gift of service that these men and women offer up.  Also it was a reminder that we are all in this together.  no one was going to be left behind no matter how many times we have to push, or stop and start again we will all make it together.


Thanks Everyone FOA2014_day1-4131 FOA2014_day1-4140