New Discipline: it’ll be there tomorrow

Activity-MonitorSo for the past week or so, ever since last week’s clergy retreat on boundaries, I have tried something new.  I have been leaving my messenger bag with all of my work and laptop at work or just not bring it in the house.  not having my laptop in the evenings has allowed me to have uninterrupted time with Eden and Katie.  When Eden goes to bed, I read some personal books or have some devo time rather than getting of facebook or design websites. 

I have felt really good about it.  Last night after a meeting i was telling one of our leaders about it and he said he was going to stay late at work, but after second thought he said “it’ll be there for me tomorrow.”  So I in my efforts to be more fully present during my at home time i am taking up the spiritual discipline of “It’ll still be there tomorrow.”