Transformers: Fail

transformersThis past weekend that i thought would be a great idea.  We kicked off a new series called “Becoming.”  It is all about being transformed into people that God has made us to be.  The thought was that we would try and reflect what we are doing in Sunday morning worship by having a series that kind of went along the same lines as the other series without duplicating it.

I went and got a couple of Transformers with the idea that we would talk about the way that they were a fine toy in their vehicle state, but they are so much better when they are transformed and you can play with them in a couple of different ways.  I thought that it would be fun to have the object lesson of me then transforming them up front during the talk.  Before the service I tried transforming them to get an idea about how long it would take to make the change.  It took way longer than I thought it would. I gave them to one of our great youth workers and she too took a long time. Plan B was to turn it into a bit where we would time the a couple of kids to see who could transform the the fastest.

After a couple of minutes of the students fumbling with the toys, we gave it up and put the illustration out of its missury.  Oh well better luck next time.  The two transformers now have found a place on my shelf as a reminder that the best thought out plans go bad and we just have to work though it.  doh’