Soulprint: Review

I received my free copy of mark Batterson’s new book Soulprint a on Wednesday December 29th from Water Brook Multnomah Publishing Group.  I had set a goal in my mind to have it read and a review posted by the beginning of the year. Batterson made it easy to meet that goal.

In this book readers are seeking to answer the question of “Who am I?”  As we seek to live lives of purpose and fulfill the plans God has for us we must first answer this question.  Sure, we are all called to live lives devoted to God, but that is only half the story.  Each and every one of us is unique and different from anyone else on the on the planet or who has come before us.  With this in mind Batterson writes of each one of us having our own soulprint, like a finger print that is at the core of who we are.

Throughout the book King David is a companion on the journey.  Readers take a closer look at some of the defining moments of David’s life.  These are moments where David discovers his soulprint and lives into being the person he was made to be.

This is a great book to take a look at in the new year.  With resolutions flying about this book may give some guidance to discovering your soulprint. Batterson writes that he felt like he was at a loss as a preacher because he has to use a manuscript.  Because these carefully written sermons make up the foundation of the book it is easy to read, filled with practical application and contains wonderful illustrations.  The discussion guide in the back of the book is great for personal reflection or group study.

I was expecting a lot from this book as I have grown to like Mark’s writing more and more.  Soulprint didn’t disappoint.  Pick up a copy. It is set to release January 18th.

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