Santa Christ?

What do Santa and Jesus have in common… santa    The answer is…mystery.  As a pastor, I find my self spending my time combating the holiday of the advent/Christmas season.  Merry Christmas, not happy holidays.  Lets find Jesus this December 25th and push out that jolly fat man.  But really are we missing the point by trying to reclaim the name of Christ-mas and being blind to the season of grace that is around us?

Are we too consumed with this verbal crusade?  If the fight is won what is gained?  The self satisfaction of knowing that Chanukkah, and Kwanzaa don’t merit time off from school, work and good cheer?  I am being sarcastic of course, but I would like you to consider the way Christ does work through Santa during this Christmas season.  After all I am willing to bet that Saint Nick does know a thing or two about this guy Jesus.

As a pastor i am able to see the good, the bad and the ugly of people in very real ways.  I am also able to see God  working through people in very real ways.  During this season of grace I always see a couple of acts that i am truly touched by.  This year I have found myself in the mist of yet another story that shows the joy, hope and love of Santa and the mystery of the season.  You see a local family needed some help in hard times.  There was to be no Christmas this year.  Yet their church was able to pull together and offer up toys, gift cards and love all in the name of Santa.  The joy of knowing you are loved doesn’t come from an unseen geezer red suit, it comes from those who embrace what he represents.  The feeling of hope that comes with an unexpected gift can put our hearts at rest and let us know that we can make it through the thought times.  Ans it is the mystery of waking up each morning not knowing what we will find under the tree, on the other end of the phone, in a straw filled trough.

God is full of the Christmas time mystery all year long.   With Christ we never know what to expect.  Our focus should be on the generosity of the time.  The gifts, a reminder of love and grace we have for one another.  Yet like our attitude with the grace God extends to us we tend to take the generosity of Santa for granted and we feel that we deserve these things.  Truth be told we couldn’t be farther from the truth. But, I guess that is why it is called grace huh?  It is my prayer that that you find the true face of Santa during this time and throughout the coming year.  Be GOD’S.