One Full Week In

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I have 2 official worship celebrations under my belt and I feel blessed all around.  It has been really wonderful to meet the Faithpoint community and I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is a wonderful energy and a definite working of the Holy Spirit moving thought out the area.

I have been shocked at how a cafeteria can be turned into some really great worship space through the hard work of community members.  My role has been to watch in awe and move things that don’t really need to be moved (but I wanted to look like I was doing something).  Tonight I got a peek at some of the VBS decorations and I cannot wait to be a part of a week of sharing God’s love with the children and their families.

As I am meeting new faces I am quickly learning that Facebook is a great tool (read crutch) in putting names with faces (read: stalking).

Many times this week I have thought about blessing.  The blessing of the work and ministry of Matt and Tim at Faithpoint to make it a place with real people, real life and real faith.  I have been thanking God for the gifts of time and that so many have poured into me over the years so that I might be the best pastor of this congregation that I know how to be.  Finally, I thank God for the people of Faithpoint who have servant hearts and are putting up with my rumblings.

I am can’t wait to see with this week brings.  (meeting and sharing meals together is a great start)