Ministry DNA

Think about what makes you tick.

Think about the things that make you, you.

You look differently, talk differently, think differently and smell differently than anyone else and that is a wonderful gift.  It is easy to think about the ways that we are unique individuals.

But have we thought about this in terms of our church? I have come to think about this as our ministry DNA.  you know the things that make us tick.  There are more ways to do church than there are dollars in our national debt. I have been asking myself for a little while what makes my congregation the community of faith that it is?

For a while we have been trying to get a feel for who MUMC is.  What is the foundation of our congregation.  Where do we fall in the areas of worship, faith development, generosity, hospitality and misisons?  When we look past worship style and topic of bible study what are we as a community of faith?  It is exciting to think about this to them push beyond and more forward for the next step of the congregation’s life.

If you would like to join in the conversation I would invite you to let your voice be heard.  Download the DNA form attached here and fill it out.  Bring it to me or send it to me and let your voice be heard.


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