Foggy Morning

fogOn Monday morning I was going into the office thinking that it was a beautiful day.  The sky was blue and the birds were singing.  We even had 2 blue birds eating some seeds on our back deck.  Wow what a wonderful start to the day.

As I drove into work over the mountain a very dense fog engulfed the mountain.   The fog was only on the mountain and not on the Middletown or Frederick sides.  Weird.  It was so thick that I couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of my faithful Explorer I lovingly call Thunder. 

My mind soon went to the transfiguration and how this must have been similar to when Jesus, Moses and Elijah had their gathering while the disciples looked on.  It was really neat.  Then I thought…man if Jesus and his crew are in this mess I hope my anti-lock brakes are working well enough to not make street pizza out of the Holy Trio.

How many times do we just blow on my the divine experiences in our lives?  When God gives us the opportunity to be transported to  a place where we can gaze into the Kingdom do we blow on by with OUR destination firmly in sight or do we look to see the destination GOD had in store for us?