Ego Check

    Whenever I feel like a great number of things are going my way and that I am a great, wonderful pastor that rocks the socks of any and all congregants I know that a trip to Home Depot will stop all of that prideful foolishness.  Actually this trip to the home improvement universe wasn’t for such reasons, just some floodlights and drain-o, but it sure did the job.

A long time ago when I was young and idealistic I thought that I could navigate this colossal establishment with only the innate sense of direction  every male (thinks he) possesses and a keen ability to read the signs that announce what sort of product the isle contains.

Checking my pride at the door I embarked upon my journey.  I looked for the light bulbs in the lighting section to no avail.  I passed a 75 year old woman talking about putting down hardwood floors in her kitchen by herself.  I made out something about epoxy and a trout and knew I was out of my league.

Finally, asking an associate (who I suspect has a degree from HDU) said “turn around. The isle behind you is all light bulbs.”  With my tail tucked firmly between my legs, sure enough he was right and I found my floodlight bulbs.

The triumph of the trip was that after only 7 mor minutes I found the drain-o.  🙂 woohoo!!

The moral of the story–Your not perfect so don’t pretend, and don’t shop with Chris.