“Come and See”…openign doors

What would it take for you to be willing to stake your reputation on the worship experience that you attend?  Would you be willing to take the risk and invite a friend who doesn’t have a faith community to come and see the worship that you go to?  What would they think? Who would welcome them?
When we invite someone to something that is out of their comfort zone it has to be something that you are willing to risk your credibility on. If you talk it up like it is the hottest thing since Twitter and it is completely lame….what are they going to think about your judgment.  If you invite them and the only one that talks to them is you what kind of welcoming congregation is that?  A lot rides on this kind of personal outreach.  What changes would have to be made for you to be willing to say to a friend, “come and see” what my church is doing without having to cross your fingers if it is going to be a weekend that is good or just oh-humm?