Chrisbucks…not to be confused with Schrutbucks

steamMove over Starbucks there is a new kid in town.  Katie got me an espresso/late maker for Christmas and yesterday I was able to fire it up.  After a trip to bed, bath and beyond to get a much sought after frothing carafe and hot beverage thermometer I was finally in business.  So far I have mastered the Chi latte, and I have to say that it is head and shoulders above any Seattle based gourmet coffee chain I have tried.  I am looking forward to an eggnog late in the near future.  This little gem is my new jump start of choice.

PS–after a few tries at Google, still no word on if there is a baby latte out there for Eden.  I think that a little steamed formula and a coffee bean would do her good (Just kidding no need to call CPS:-)