God as venture capitalist

This past weekend I had the chance to worship with Katie and the girls at New Hope UMC.  It was wonderful to be with them and that community of faith.  It is always neat to me to see the radically different ways God moves throughout different churches and how the Spirit comes in all different forms.  Throughout the morning the scripture we were encouraged to reflect upon was the parable of the talents found in Matthew’s gospel.  Here 3 servants were given differing sums of money to care for. The 2 that received the most doubled the money and the one who had the least buried it.  Then the master pleased with the first two, took the money from the 3rd servant and gave it to the one with the most. 
Now in this teaching we are the servants and God is the master.  However one thing has stuck with me for the past couple of days.  Now you have to keep in mind that i am a tech nerd and our family watches the show Shark Tank often.  So I love seeing new and innovative ideas and also those who have enough financial resources to fund some of these ideas.  The area of venture capital is fascinating to me. 
With my limited knowledge of how the financial backing system works I can’t shake the feeling that God must be the worst venture investor EVER! Think about little bit.  Would you invest and entrust your valuables to the battered broken mess that is humanity if you were God?  This is not simply a one time teaching.  Look at the disciples Jesus chooses to carry on the Gospel after he is gone….they are a mess.  Other parables like the one of the sewer tossing valuable seed on the rocks, in the weeds, on the cart path and eventually the good soil.  No famer would really do that. 
So then why?  Why invest in the lost cause?  Why give so much to those who have such a sketchy track record?
In a word Grace. 
In more than one word. God knows the full story and the big picture.  God can operate or invest out of an economy of abundance rather than scarcity.  God is able to pick the long shot evey time because God (the creator) knows the potential of every single one of us.  And this is why the master in our parable is mad at the 3rd servant.  He knows the potential he sees the worth on the inside.  And when the servant doesn’t even to the least to yield a return (stick the money in the bank to collect interest) the master, God, is angry.   
God, Alpha and Omega, knows the beginning and the end because God is the beginning and the end. So the question I am asking each day is how am I showing a return to God DAILY on God’s investment of grace? 

IOS and devo time

Yesterday was the release of a new version of the Iphone/ipad operating system.

I found myself waiting and hitting the refresh button hoping to get my spot in line on the overworked servers.  Eventually I did, and eventually it downloaded, then it finally installed.

It is cool and different. It is apple, so I can’t totally geek out and tweak things like on my android things.  It is the experience I am supposed to have.  Thinking back now I spent a lot of little pockets of time doing that and little time refreshing my relationship with God.

Why is that?  God has something new and unexpected each day. Yet I wait for the expected, not to be blown away, but to confirm the expected experience that awaits.



About a week ago I thought my laptop was dying.  Every time I powered it up to get started working the battery was dead.  I have a spare and swapped out the battery thinking that was the problem and the same thing happened with the second battery.  I the morning it woudl be out of juice.  I was dreading having to look into getting a new machine.  Ok, truth be told I would love the looking but just not the price tag.

Then one night while writing some thank out notes I realized that my “sleeping” laptop would suddenly turn on after being asleep for about 15 minutes.  Then it would stay on until the battery was exhausted.  This would happen when i woudl throw the computer in my messenger bag and leave to go to work too.

After some digging I found that the dongle that my wireless mouse was emitting a signal that would wake up the laptop, even when I wasn’t using the mouse.  So I disabled the function that woudl wake the computer upon the movement or click of the mouse.  I thought that woudl have done it but the problem persisted.  Then I read that the wireless adapter not only assigned a signature for a mouse but a keyboard too even though i didn’t use a wireless keyboard.  So I had to disable the same function but for the the keyboard.

I tell this story to ask a question.  Do you ever feel drained for unknown reasons?  Do you feel like you have to power down because you are exhausted?

What might be draining your battery and you hadn’t thought to diagnose the problem?  It might be not getting enough sleep or it might be a relationship that is eating away at you.

What are you going to do to disable the things that are draining your power or stealing your joy?  Make a list or try something to help you retain that charge you have because you have too much to do to let other things or people drain you unduly.

My devo time stinks


Recently I was reading about the importance of spiritual disciplines. I really love to see the way personal holiness takes root in theories of others and I am encouraged when that inward devotion then comes out in really powerful external ways. As I read about the way that these Christ followers would get up every morning and begin the day with devotion and prayer I began to think about my personal devotions.
There are days where I get up and have time read scripture, pray, and then ideally go for a run all before anyone else in the house is up. But the reality is that this happens once a week when the girls are having a sleepover with granny.
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Salt and being a parent

So this past week at church we were talking about being salt.  During last weeks prep, I was taken by the way that Dietrich Bonhoeffer reminded us that there is no choice on the part of the disciple weather or not he or she woudl like to be salt.  There was no opt out clause when signing up for discipleship that says that you would like to be bland or Luke warm.  Rather we are salt, we have flavor, like it or not.  It then becomes our role to add that flavor to the world around us.  If we don’t do this and we lose it, we are not true disciples.   He then goes on to talk about the way we are then cast aside.

Yesterday was Eden’s 5th birthday and I was thinking about the ways that she has grown.  She is an awesome kid.  She is creative, smart, beautiful, funny, compassionate and very spiritual in her own 5 year old way.  Continue reading “Salt and being a parent”

How Will You Change the world

There is something that is powerful about coming together and being a people that can rally together to be a movement that brings about the kingdom of God to those who have lost hope and the light of the love of God is beginning to dim.

We are called ot change the world, to see that the promise of the joy of eternity with God does not just begin after we leave this life.  Rather that kind of joy we find in God and the hope we ave in Christ can begin TODAY, right here and right now!

But how are you going to be ONE that brings baout great things?  I think that one of the greatest sins of the church today is that we forget the call to do great things.  We settle for business as usual, when God is in the business of the unusual and unexpected.

How are you going to change the world today, this summer, this year and beyond?

The same and different

I was looking for some dinner tonight and was marveling at
the awesome job of shopping that Katie did today with Eden. They
got great stuff, including some tricolored tortellini. As I look at
the different color of pasta I thought about the way that at our
core we are all called to the same thing, living a life in response
to the grace that God has extended to us. Put another way, loving
God with our whole heart, mind, soul and strength. But the way that
we go about this is very different. From our jobs to the way we
relate with others we are unique. And so like my pasta, that I am
saving for tomorrow night, we all have to live in to our two fold
call as God. First is the universal call that is the same for each
of us that speaks to our core or our God shaped hole. This is the
call to be God’s. The second is to be uniquely you and live out the
call to be the special creation that you are in your own way. Just
a thought from a guy debating about that to eat for