Danger: Peg at work

DSCF1299One of the most dangerous things that I have ever encountered is my mother with an idea or a vision for what something could be.  It is awesome to watch her work though. 

Her latest idea is the transformation of our old High School youth room (now going to be a middle school room).  The room is in a part of the building that isn’t much used and has a couple of couches (hence a youth room).  In the picture she is getting ready to paint a wall a “bright yellow.”  She has also gotten a very large white board, wanted to use some white board paint on the top of a table,“found” a snack cart and has some other improvements in mind.  One of the dreams that she has is wireless internet access. 

She is a great dreamer and do-er.  I love her energy and excitement in renovating for ministry with young people.  I will try and keep you posted on the progress.

Faith Lab: A ministry of urgancy

As the storm was approaching the other day, it didn’t take long for stores to capitalize on the natural event that was going to bring so much destruction.  Flashlights and batteries were hot items at a number of stores that I went to, but then they had things like propane stoves, other things of camping gear (even a couple of tents) and things that were completely nonessential.  The wild part is that people were buying it like crazy.  Even thought we are at the edge of the storm warning area.

The stores definately fostered a sense of immediacy when it came to getting ready and settled before the  storm hit.

Though you can question the motives of the companies, like why not give out free lights if they are really concerned with the safety of their patrons, we can learn something from them.  There was a feeling of urgency that kicked people into action.

As the school year begins and there is a change of pace within the ministry of the church we have to ask ourselves the question of urgency.  As I think about it now, I recall CS Lewis writing in the Screwtape letters about one of the most dangerous things in ones faith life is the thought that we will have to to get to it later.  Procrastination or a feeling that it will happen when it happens is a slow killer of our faith, lie a frog boiling in a heating pot of water.

Then what are we doing to instill urgency and importance to our students and congregation that spiritual growth is something that needs to happen NOW and each and everyday of our lives.  Otherwise we get stale and ridged in our understanding of who God is and how God acts.

What are you doing to encourage your students have an urgent faith?



I am trying to do some tumbloging on this site to see if it helps get the posts out any faster.  If it works with the other things that i have the site it may be a winner.  But time will tell 🙂

Fruit Cocktail tree

In some of the research that I have been doing about orchards I found out about "fruit cocktail" trees.  These are multiple different kinds if trees that are grafted together to make a hybrid tree. I have heard of people having five kinds of fruit coming from one tree.
The scripture we were using for the series was John 15 I am the vine you are the branches and the fruit of the spirit from Galatians. Kind of gives a new read to it

Its been too long helvetica

Tonight I threw together a cover for our latest youth ministry catalog.  When searching for the right font I came across the old favorite helvetica!!!  I haven’t used it in some time, but I think it really fit the bill with the cover.

I also know that it makes me a total dork for getting this excited about a font.  Oh well at least I am open about my obsessions.  🙂

Ministry Tools: Evernote

So for a little while I have been trying to find a way to get all of my thoughts, stories, news clippings, pictures, illustrations…..for sermons in one place where I am find them easily.

Evernote is a web app, Mobile app and desktop client that allows you to do just this.  I had tried Evernote a couple of times for other uses, but not for it’s intended purpose.  I am loving it now.  You can tag, upload, sent twitter and get your content to the service in a ton of different ways and then they are just there.  The text is searchable and the things are easy to find.  because of all of the different options you have fomr getting info into and out of the system it is very easy.

There are even ways that you can collaborate with others and share different notebooks.  I am really just beginning to use Evernote the way it should be and it is really neat.  My task right now is to get some of my notes from my kindle books into Evernote so i don’t have to search for the stories in this book or that.  They are all right there.  I am excited that this might help my message prep.  Thanks Evernote!

Give it a try