Some Facilities improvements

If you have been hanging around church the past couple of days you might have notices that there are some changes to the front and side of the building.  This past Saturday we had a Boy Scout Eagle project that did a ton of work.  They added two planters to the front of the church, and they put down some stone in our preschool circle so that it won’t get muddy. 

Also a crew of the trustees planted new flowers, did some pruning and cleaned up a number of other things it looks great.  Here are some pictures of the improvements.

Here are a couple of pictures from the work that they did:::IMG_0167  IMG_0166IMG_0163

This is perhaps one of the more exciting pictures for all of those who take out the trash at MUMC.  We got our dumpster back that has a side door so that is friendly to the vertically challenged Smile.


Crayola Factory

Here is a post that Katie did about our trip to the Crayola factory in Easton PA.  It was sooo cool.

For more of on her blog check out:

I grew up museum spoiled. Living in Washington DC, I was blessed to have total access to history, creativity, beauty. From the American History Museum to the National Zoo, to the arboretum to the White House, I am museum spoiled. And the best part…they are all free. So when I heard about the Crayola Museum Factory in Easton PA, I was a little nervous.

Would it be worth the 3 hour drive? Would it be worth the $9 admission price (before parking?)


Not only was it worth the drive and worth the money,

but we have to go again.

So laid back.

So child friendly.

So, so cool.

So colorful!

(yes, this is me and my mother-in-law rocking out at the video dance party. What of it?) And lots of projects to try. Something for everyone.  With our admission, we got in free to the Canal Museum.  I will post about that tomorrow. Very cool too!

Faith Lab: Joy in Service

3781038241_b6304bea38_oThere are few people who have had as powerful of an impact on my understanding of serving with a heart of Christ like Madeline.  This past week we celebrated the life of someone who deeply touched so many so profoundly.  Madeline will be missed by family, friends, my congregation, the community and countless others who may not know her name but have felt her warmth and compassion though the selfless way she made other (the least of these) a priority. 

This month in our student ministry we are talking about social justice and serving the people who may fall through the cracks if we are too focused on ourselves.  The series is titled “Justice League”.  As I think about our series this week and about the way that I have been blessed to cross lives with a real life Saint of Middletown I have thought about the way that we are called to be cheerful in our service. 

When I was a middle schooler, Madeline would ask my friends and I to help serve in a way that wouldn’t leave too much room for discussion.  Because it was her we didn’t hesitate because we knew if we didn’t life the 50 pound bags of groceries into her care she, at 70 something , would do it herself. When I would return home I would tell my parents “I got to help Madeline Today!!!” She had a way of serving and inviting others to serve without them knowing it.  My mom would look at my dad and say, “He will move groceries and couches all day for her, but if I ask him to feed the dogs that is out of the question”

Madeline’s heart and joy for serving was infectious.  It drew others in and you would have a great tome doing work that you knew meant something to someone else. 

As we look to this next month think about ways you can not only serve, but be a blessing while serving.  Take joy in living out the call that God has placed on your heart.  share the gospel though your actions and share that joy with our students as we seek to make a difference for the kingdom. 

Be God’s