A new truck and a parking spot in heaven for a friend

Thunder,my 98 ford explorer, has lef t this life for the one to come. he had beed a great ride and many memories were had, the funk from the river and other adventures can atest to that. now i am sporting my new jeep and searching for a fitting name as it tries to live into the greatness of Thunder. Even thought one door wouldn’t open the driver side window would never go down without help, the park break was broke, and a number of other things that made you one of a kind…You will be missed fella

Risk Taking Discipleship

“Oh man that movie was awesome. You have to go see it.”  “Read this you will not be disappointed.”  “I am telling you the truth.  That stuff on your plate that looks like baby food is really delicious, and you don’t even have to chew it.”  “It won’t hurt that bad and man what a rush!!!”

DSC_0074As the new Harry Potter film came out  a couple of days ago I have heard a flurry of people giving witness to the film’s greatness.  Katie and I went to go see it and the projector broke with 20 minutes to go in the movie.  Though I can’t claim to have seen the movie the piece that I did watch was awesome. 

The deacon at my church professes his love for is GPS to anyone who would hear.  When I walk into the Common Market (with a checkers bacon cheeseburger and fries in hand) I am told that I need to repent from my sinful eating habits. j/k

I say all of that to say that we often have good news about stuff and we want to share it, but when it cones to the Good News (the one that matters…Jesus) we shy away and whisper into someone’s ear at best. 

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Free indeed

“Nothing in this world is FREE!”

Free treat

Have you ever heard this phrase before?  I have been thinking about this idea a lot lately.  Specifically in regard to God’s gift of grace for us.  Now I know that the price that was paid on the cross for our sin was huge.  Yet I want to talk about the personal thoughts we have about this grace that we have been extended.  I think that it is really a hard thing for us to wrap our heads around the fact that God’s grace is free.  In fact, the while underlying motivation for this free grace is that we might be set free from the bondage of the world.

I have been reading Paul’s letter to the Galatians and I can’t help but think it is a message that we really need to hear.  Paul is writing this group of Christians because a group of false teacher or what I have called “super Christians” came into the churches and told them that they need to do all of there extra things to get God’s grace.  They need to do this and that so that they are worthy of the grace. But Paul reminds them that:

God has no favorites—Gal. 2:6

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Camp life

camp story rockSo i am at summer camp this week and it is one of the best weeks of work I can remember.  Yeah sure there is a lot of time spent wrangling youth and playing silly games that make you look dumb, but man it fills my soul.  It is wonderful to be have the privilege of sitting with and sharing life with youth in a way that is not possible otherwise.  I have been struck by what way I have been able to connect with these kids.  I know that though some of the mission trips we do with Group Workcamps there is connection time, but this is so much more intentional because your goal is to be together encountering God.  It is a cool experience to be able to spend a week of your life pouring into a few kids for a whole week.

WE have done some hiking and crafts so far.  We went to Harrper’s Ferry and got killer ice cream. And today we are going to have some fun on the high ropes course and then we still have some rafting and rock climbing on the agenda.

During yesterday’s hike we took a break and Kyle and Becky (our fearless leaders) read us a story on story rock.  I thought it was great to have story time right in the middle of a creek.  🙂

Well i hear my kiddos stirring so I better start getting them ready for the day.