Happy back to School day

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to wish everyone well as you go back to school today.  I just got a lunch box the other day and I am getting ready for my school to.  I a was way excited until Dad told me what time I have to get up and go and then… well this was my reaction (he broke it to me while I was playing with my lunch box).


Oh well I guess I will make it through.

Peace out girl scout,


The trapper’s log

So we have yet to be sucessful at capturing the thing that is living under our shed. When I say we I am referring to me and my dog, Kronk. But tonight we are taking a step up. We almost go something last night, and now I have gotten tips on my technique. Also, I have procured an even larger trap (which I know works because I managed to get my arm stuck arming the trap).

So now we have two traps. A smaller one that has last night’s Chicken Kiev in it with a side of ants. and the mondo trap baited with a cupcake. take a look at these pictures and tell me you wouldn’t wonder in for a snack Continue reading “The trapper’s log”

This is my life 2.0

So today started off fairly normally.  I drank my coffee out a cup that my wife used for her hot coco a couple of weeks ago when we left for the beach, and it hadn’t been cleaned out since.  Nice.

Read a couple of books…played with Eden and the dog.

Then I decided that I would take Eden to the bike shop with me to get some tubes that I needed. So I got all of here stuff ready and strapped her in.  I got my gift card that I was planning on finishing off with the trip.  I even put the card in my shirt pocket for easy access when I stepped up to make my transaction while holding my daughter.

At the shop I got my tubes and handed the man my gift card…oh yeah I thought that I was a real smooth operator (juggling baby in one arm while purchasing very manly inner tubes for my bicycle in the other).  And then it happend… Continue reading “This is my life 2.0”

This is my life…

So I got a hair cut today…finally.  I don’t remember when i got one last.  I went to the place where I usually go when i get around to the luxuries of getting my hairs cut, and I was told that there was going to be a 45 min. wait.  I am assuming this was due to the high volume of youth wanting to look sharp for their first day of school.  I tucked my tail between my legs and took my shaggy head out of there to go home.

Then I saw it, another option.  As I entered the vintage establishment it was like I has walked back into the 70’s.  Stuffed deer (two), duck, and something that looked like a mink greeted me as i entered.  Only cash and check accepted at this establishment (i found that out after the cut).

The kicker to the story was that i thought the very nice woman was finished with my hair and then all of a sudden she did something behind me.  Next thing that i know there is a warm sensation on the back of my neck.  Without even a word of warning she had lathered me up with warm shaving cream and began to use a straight razor to sculpt a line so straight on my neck that you could set a watch to.  My heart was racing, my mind was whirling, I didn’t know what to do.  I sat as still as a statue not wanting to breath in fear of losing an artery.  The worst part was Continue reading “This is my life…”

chris the trapper

SO our dog had been stalking something that lives under the shed in our back yard for some time now.  The other day Katie saw it duck into its hole.  So i have borrowed one of the have a heart traps and armed it with chicken nuggets and part of a croissant hoping to appeal to French pallet.  We will see  what morning brings…I hope i set it right. 🙂

the new year is coming

I am getting way excited about the new school year.  I have parent letters that are about to go out and Sayre is writing up one for the students.  We have our very first intern coming in from the HS and she will be there every day. We also have soem great family events come down the pipe too.  Oh man this is going to be rockin.