Comupter meltdown

After about a week of dealing with a jacked up computer i have decided it was time to backup and reformat everything, so there everything is back up in working order again. So, with that the posts may drag a bit. Plus when i came into the office today I remembered that I was preaching this week…oops. So I have to work on that. Any who here goes nothin….ahhhhh

The Blitz is over

So after a weekend of leading your worker training, attending a youth revival at Katie’s church, sending students and adult workers to the Messiah training, taking the confirmation class to the national cathedral and contemplative pilgrimage, youth group and student leadership team I am so spent.  I have to so much to write about but so little energy.  I have some e-mails to send to my kids do that is the rest of my night.  God bless.  Be ready for some really ground shattering posts coming up…well maybe not ground shattering.

Youth Worker training

Today I was blessed to be able to lead a youth worker training seminar for our region in the Baltimore Washington conference.  It was wonderful and amazing to see and hear what is going on with your student ministries in the area.  I am so excited to see God working…and so exhausted.  Time for bed

A planning machine

So my computer has been acting up a little the past couple of day thanks to some Vista update.  So i have been breaking out the old pen and paper and I got a ton of planning stuff done.  Maybe it should go on the fritz more often…nahh 🙂

Decision making

I found a wonderfully perfect post from a youth worker’s blog that I frequent. This is a post from the Monday time-out offerings of Tim’s blog by his dad Jerry. Perfect for something that things that my week has had in store. Here’s a sample:

Black and white are distinct colors that are easy to distinguish. But not everything in life is black and white. Many times we see shades of gray, and sometimes it is very hard to decipher which option, or shade, is better than the other. Some decisions are not easy to make; the better option is not always apparent and the consequences may not always be popular. When our popularity, and even our ministry’s future are involved, decision-making becomes very confusing. Some decisions are extremely difficult. As ministers, what do we do?

1. Be certain that your mind is making the decision, and not just your emotions. Feelings can have their say, but they should not make the final choice. If they do, the choice will be a reaction, and not a pro-action. Allow your mind to explain the reality of things to your emotions.

2. Make sure fear is not controlling your thought-process. God does not give us fear, (2 Timothy 1:7; Romans 8:15) therefore, we cannot let fear influence our decisions.

Read the full article here thanks Guys

Rice Bowls

rice bowls

I came across an organization called Rice Bowls that gives food to needy children. through Rice Bowl banks money is collected and sent around the world via partnerships with orphanages, and other nonprofit organizations. I think that this would be a great youth project for all to do. They apparently send the banks to you for free and you give them out, fill them out and then have an event to open the banks and celebrate the money that has been raised.

Riding the wave

waveAs some post resurrection Sabbath Katie, her bro and sis and I went to the Great Wolf lodge where we partook in some serious fun at their indoor water park.  there was also something to do with a wand, but we were too cool for that…well until we saw other people doing it all over.  I think that it is meant for kids, but we saw our fair share of 30 somethings waving wands fully decked out with wand holster and cape.  On the list for next time I guess.

I think the best part was that we were away from the chores of being at home.  good times.