Rollin’ outta bed for the FCA kickoff

Team FCA I woke up this morning…actually I would consider it still night, and I joined a number of our youth and other Middletown High School students for some fellowship and worship time before school. At 6:45 young people were dragging their selves, and all 145 pounds of their school stuff, into the chorus room for praise music and some devotion/message time. What a wonderful way to start the day. Though I am sure that by the end of the day the students (and me for that matter) will be more willing to craw into be at a reasonable hour.

I am always taken aback when I see young people really owning their faith and putting it into action in a real way. This isn’t just a club that they go to in hopes of getting out of 4th period once a month on Club days. There is sacrifice and commitment that these young people have made that motivates them to be there. What a joyful thing it is. Also it is great to be able to worship in a place where I have no more responsibility for the service than the freshman sitting next to me. 🙂 God shows up and cares for my soul in some of the strangest places.

The most striking thing about my early morning adventure was the energy that I found from the groups faculty sponsor. Tim is an incredible man of faith and also the varsity basketball coach. In our conversation today I was able to see how much he loves all of theses kids. He sees the school as his holy ground ripe for ministry. It was a powerful thing to see his eyes light up as he saw the young people milling about before the school day started. He would wave to some of the students he was close to and I would greet some of my crew (who are always a little shocked that their pastor would be at their school of all places). I thanked him for all of his time and love that he pours into the kids and he did the same to me. With smiles and a “see you later” we both went off to carry on God’s work. What a wonderful intersection of paths.

The irony hit me as I was walking out the school doors that I came to the place Tim ministers to be filled up with what God was doing, and he goes to a place very much like where I base my ministry (the church on the other side of the parking lot from my house) to be filled. It is so very good to have such a wonderful brother connecting with our kids on the other side of students lives. God is truly good.