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  • Just Falling Forward

    **if you have 5 min play the video below.  You can do work on other tabs or play it in the background, but do yourself the favor of listening** I haven...

  • Half Truths Week #2 “God Helps those who help themselves”

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  • Half Truths Week #2: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

    Week #2: God helps those how help themselves… Do you have a story about a time when you helped others and modeled the kid of Christ-like (incarnation...

  • Half Truths Week 1: “Everything Happens for a reason”

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  • Half Truths Week #1 “everything happens for a reason”

    WEEK #1: This week’s 1/2 truths is “everything happens for a reason” We all have said this, but lets dig a little deeper into some of the...

  • 2017 Bible Reading Plan

    This little post is something that is more for me than others, but if it is helpful for you that is great.  Here I am going to plot out my Bible reading p...

  • Ep 001 Pastor Ponderings: GO

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  • Beloved Community

    Last week I had the chance to lead a conversation for the online campus of my church with some amazing educators.  We were doing it as a part of a special...

  • Ordinary Time: Real

    This past weekend we took a look at the lectionary readings and connected them to the word “Real” as prescribed in Erik Willits’ book Common Time. 2 ...