Best Week Ever 2013 Day 6

Friday is here and it is the last day.  We began the day with a treasure hunt.  Teams raced around camp to complete tasks and find clues that eventually lead them to the camp store and some cool refreshment.

After lunch there were groups that headed out to the zip line and pamper pole. What a perfect way to end the week.

When parents came we had a final award ceremony and we were able to share about all of the awesome things we did throughout the week

Best Week Ever 2013 Day 3

Tuesday began with a splash as we played a bunch of water games after breakfast. Games included flinging water balloons, making and racing boats out of foil, bailing a raft (because nothing tires out some kiddos better than moving 100s of gallons of water.  The final game in the set was sure to take care of any dry spots the kids may have had.  The staff and volunteers disposed of the extra water balloons, water squirters and other water delivering mediums by playing a game of water tag with the kids.

In the afternoon, there was a group that went rafting, and other that swam, while yet another went hiking on Sawmill creek.  Many campers loved the rock painting station and will come home with some new and totally organic souvenirs.

Worship in the evening was great.  Pastor John talked about the story of Ruth and Naomi and the importance of keeping the promises we make even when it is really hard.

The day ended with a dance party and smores.  Our time to sleep under the stars was cut short by a stone that rolled in.

Best Week Ever 2013 Day 2

Monday kicked off with some group games in the morning.  Then after breakfast There were groups that went to the zipline, rafting, swimming and played games.  Some of the activity was cut a bit short because of some ominous weather.  The staff did a great job of getting everyone inside for the little storm and played some great games inside the cabin and lodge areas.

In worship we talked about the story of Jacob and Essau, and that as God wants something bigger for us we have to give God total control over our lives.

It was an awesome day. And Tuesday is going to be even better!!!!

Best Week Ever 2013 Day 1

Today was mainly just an afternoon and evening of the campers getting to know one another and the volunteers and staff.  Then the night and into early morning they got to know one another even more with fart jokes, lots of laughing and telling stories. At least that is what I was told the girls did, but my guys were asleep by 9:15…. just kidding.

We set up the theme for the day with our pirate friends, Pastor John talked about how God has something bigger for each of us, and Katie reminded them that each of them was loved.

A short but Good day.  Much more awesomeness to come.