Spiritual Age

The other day at a training there was a comet that was made by our district superintendent

there is no old age in spiritual growth

I thought that this was a great quote and something that we forget about.  We have to be willing to share our story because our faith and its effects on our lives is something that we have to pass down.

What are some of the ways that you and old can share the impact of their faith on their lives and find common ground?

Hannah In Haiti

Take a look at our Hannah!! I am so excited for the work and ways that God is moving in our Annual Conference with our young adults.  Hannah Starnes Ewald, who serves as a worship leader with her brother Jake at MUMC’s Wednesday evening service, The Gathering, is in Haiti right now serving and leading a Vacation Bible School for children.  The young adult team is doing 2 VBS’s for a ton of kids. 

I wanted to post about the awesome stuff that they are doing because I would love for all of you to continue to keep her and the team in your prayers. 

Also Hannah took 25 of the pillowcase dresses that MUMC members made to give the children during her visit.  Way to Go.  I know that the work she is doing and the sewing that church members did will go beyond this week and the lifetime of the dresses and leave a lasting mark on the children, families and community that they connect with. 


Check out the teams blog and daily trip updates!

Hannah’s 2nd Day | BWC Young Adult Haiti Mission Trip 2011


Hannah’s 2nd Day

Well hello to all! I am reporting from outside our compound after finishing a lovely dinner of cheesy pasta and bean salad. This morning we walked to a local Haitian church. Arriving a little late we found the church locked but made our way over with the others. Everyone was listening to the service, whether you were one of the 500 inside, or the 25 outside on a bench. Breakfast included toast with pb&j and MANGO- real mango. Yum yum yum. Then we headed up to the local beach, about an hour and a half away. For the first time since we’ve been here I saw a really home, in my perspective that is. We visited another village where the next VBS will be held. Again, the children loved my bracelets. Just before the beach we visited a mountain top where those killed in the earthquake were buried. Crosses and flowers filled the side. As we got back on the taptap we said a prayer. I cannot imagine going through that tragedy. The trip concluded with a beautiful beach resort. We all can admit to judging a book by it’s cover, and that’s what I did coming in. But despite the devastating poverty in this country, Haiti is beautiful. No matte how much pain these people feel, how much money they have, or what’s for dinner the faith these people have is incredible and inspirational. Seeing the children is the best part of my day. VBS starts tomorrow and I’m very excited:) love miss you all. Bonswa!

xoxo hannah

family and tech

Here is a really great artical fromt he barna Group about the way that we use technology and its impact on our families. 

The digital age is affecting more than how America communicates. It is also shaping parent-child relationships in striking new ways.

Barna Group recently completed a study about the influence of technology in families, releasing the findings in a new digital report, The Family & Technology Report.

The research was conducted in partnership with Orange,which is part of the reThink Group. The innovative study included nationwide interviews among parents and 11- to 17-year-olds from the same households, allowing comparisons between the parents and the tweens and teenagers who reside in the same home.

Highlights from the study included the following five findings:

1. Parents are just as dependent on technology as are teens and tweens.
2. Most family members, even parents, feel that technology has been a positive influence on their families.
3. Very few adults or youth take substantial breaks from technology.
4. Families experience conflict about technology, but not in predictable ways.
5. Few families have experienced—or expect—churches to address technology.

Read more here:  The Barna Group – How Technology is Influencing Families



Shift is going to the press


The next installment of the Young adult Mag,SHIFT, is well on its way to print.  I am excited to see how it is received.  This issue is about finding our roots again. 

Take a read.  I will post when it is out. 

A refreshing message

Does-God-Care_720At MUMC last week we kicked off a series called Does God Care?  This series seeks to address some of the primal questions we have as humans and people of faith.  Questions like, why do bad things happen to good people, why does a compassionate God allow natural disasters and others that we continually wrestle with.  Dr. Bruce Birch, the retired dean of Wesley Theological seminary and emeritus Old Testament professor began the series and brought a refreshing word.  The most striking part for me was that it was great to hear a message about the book of Job with hearing that God was testing Job and so Job was rewarded in the end.  If you missed it please watch and let me know what you think.

[vimeo clip_id=”18595263″]


christians_wrongOne of the things that I get excited about in ministry is talking to people who don’t have a faith community that they call their own.  I love sharing faith and beliefs.  I also love it when others come to know the Good News of Jesus.  But time and time again I find that people are turned off from church because of other church people.  It is not that they don’t know about the Christian faith, but that someone has told them that missed the mark.

Many times Christians have the best of intentions when making comments and trying to proclaim the Gospel, but with little concern for the audience that they are attempting to reach.  When I have seen these interactions from a distance it is like watching the show “The Office” when Michael Scott has a great idea that always turns into a very very awkward interaction.  Michael begins with a sincere heart and then it gets twisted and lost in translation along the way.  Katie always wants to fast forward through those parts, or she tells Michael to “stop talking right now!”

I was reading some blogs that I follow this week and came across a video that then had this one (below) as a related video.  I click on it and a couple others by this same girl and I can’t help but feel like she has a little of the Michael Scott Syndrome.

Another of the videos she asks Atheists how did we get the Bible, must have been God. So that proves God exists.  This question gave me a mental image of God Faxing, or lightening bolting down the complete Bible in King James English. Nice!!

Today, apologetics have changed as our culture has changed.  Apologetics is the discipline of defending a position, usually faith.  When I Have faith conversations today I usually have to apologize before I can defend my faith.  I have to ask the person if they would be willing to begin fresh with new perspective.  The vast majority of us have been hurt (at one time or another to varying degrees) by the church.  At times the most well meaning people can do the most damage.  As I watched this young woman’s videos I just wanted to say to the people that were watching that I am sorry and sometimes Christians get it wrong.