Just Falling Forward

**if you have 5 min play the video below.  You can do work on other tabs or play it in the background, but do yourself the favor of listening**

I haven’t posted something here in a while, but have some things simmering.

However, this past weekend warrants more than a passing social media post.

Following worship I received more positive feedback than usual about the service, and it was nice.  But, it had little to do with me.

Pastor Mike Slaughter said that the job of his worship team is to get him to the goal line, and to score he just has to fall forward when he is preaching.

Well that happened this weekend in spades.  It starts with our worship design team and goes to our admin and communications folks who send out weekly emails and have input about the bulletin.  Then on Sunday, our mobile ministry team, hospitality, greeters, band, lead worshipers, audio and video engineers, nursery and children’s ministry staff come together to do some heavy lifting.  Also, those people who remind me what I have forgotten or make sure I don’t fumble during worship. They are invaluable even when they don’t carry an official title.

Below is a little video that began ad a mid week text message about a song that “might fit for this week.” And it turned into this:

Thanks for helping me fall in the right direction this week team!

A day in the life 1/14

CupojoeToday began with the reminder of my role as dad when Eden popped out of a dead sleep, and waddled over to where I was still dead asleep to inform me that she was awake and she needed to go to the potty RIGHT NOW!

Following that the morning continued as Katie and I waited till 9:30 when we could call in for the big news of weather or not we had been approved to become fully ordained members of the United Methodist Church.  During the excruciatingly slow time we got Eden ready to go with my mom for the day, got ourselves ready for the day, cleaned the house, checked e-mail, Played some Mario on Wii (after Eden’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fix of course), and finalized some plans for our trip to Disney.

Eventually we were able to call and find out we were both approved and then the day really started.

I spent a chunk of the day at the hospital visiting various members of the congregation.  We had one surgery patient, 2 members in ICU another in a regular room.  While there i connected up with a couple of members who were working or volunteering at the hospital.

After my visitation was over I decided to grab a chi latte and talk to the anesthesiologist who was part of the surgical team for the member I visited.  I got the good news update on how he was doing.  While waiting for the latte to reach the right temperature, I had a great talk with the barista about his tattoos.  And it turned into a great time where we talked about our faith and how his tattoos are a way to talk about his story with others and help them out of hard times in life.  It was really neat.

I went home for lunch with Katie.  Made some phone calls to update others as to the status of the folks in the hospital.  I did some contact work on Facebook.  Then went back to the office.

Back at my desk I had conversation with our family ministries director, checked in about final bulletin points for the weekend.  Gave the OK for a special love offering in light of the earthquake in Haiti.

I had a great talk with a man who wants to be baptized.

And after this post I am going to write a youth message, start on a sermon and then get ready for young adult small group.

I suspect the night will end with family time and snuggling on the couch.

As I think about where God has taken me in the past 7 years that have lead up to the green light on ordination I am amazed.  I would have never thought I would have a day like today.  And if I would have thought of it I would have cringed at that thought.  But, now all I can think is what a privilege it is to be on this adventure knowing tomorrow will bring another round of excitement.

Battered Bibles

I Found this post the other day on Mike Slaughter’s blog.  I really thought that it was awesome.  Kind of thought provoking.  I guess that is because in the past two weeks we have has 4 funerals.  What are some of the ways you remember or find out about people after they have departed from this world? Now, go pull out those Bibles and mark ’em up

I went to the Memorial celebration for Karen Smith’s stepfather, John
Young. The pastor used John’s Bible for the readings. He noted how worn
it was and read from passages that John had marked. He pointed out
notes that had been written in the margins. “I always ask to see a
person’s Bible before I preach their funeral,” the pastor stated. “It
reveals everything about their life.”
Check out his blog for more mikeslaughter.com: blog

Pass it on

lunchOn Sunday I met Katie and Eden for lunch at McDonald’s for a very fancy meal (oh yeah big spenders). We sat down, ate and watched people play with the giant slide puzzle (you can see a guy with camo on playing with it in the pic).

We had a delightful meal and then Katie went to a meeting and Eden and I finished our food, but not before something struck me.  Eden was eating only her bun with Ketchup on it. This is
not something that is very strange I guess but it got me thinking. Katie loves Ketchup sandwiches. I was mesmerized but the fact that Eden was chomping down on a Ketchup soaked piece of bread.

I had just read a passage from Deutoeronmy 6 the day before where the people of Israel are being told how to pass on their faith to the next generation. Here is what it says:

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On My Ipod: Jack Johnson upside down and the 3 r’s

I was turned on to the Curious George “Soundtrack” by a woman from church because she said that “It is music that you and your daughter can listen to while still keeping your sanity.” Being as here favorite CD makes me want to fling it off of a bridge I thought I would give it a shot.

Jack Johnson’s great flow and style soothes even the most savage of teething babies, and the dads. I think that this is a blessing to all who have little ones.