Bring on the party

princess room

Tomorrow is party time for Eden. I can’t believe that she is going to be 4!!!  Where has the time gone.  I wanted to post a pic of the awesome job Katie did to make the house look great.  We even have a glass slipper on a pillow that goes with the princess dresses and castle.  Katie is so creative.   

Proud dad moment

IMG_1584The other week when Katie and I were in the throws of trying to push out some young adult materials for the Conference Young Adult Council, I took a number of pictures of nativity sets from our home. 

I got out the tripod and my nifty 50mm 1.8 lens and started snapping.  Soon I found that I had a very interested assistant who was willing to hold up backdrops, move furniture, and hold lights at just the right angle. 

After she got the hang of it she wanted to shoot some ornaments on our tree for her self.  So we gave her a crack at it and she did rather well.  take a look at some of her shots.  Smile



It was so much fun. next time I think that we are going to try for some sunsets. Smile

3 Years What!!!!

imagetoday is Eden’s 3rd birthday and I can’t believe it.  I was looking through some pictures the other day from when she was born, through today and I can’t help but think what a wonderful adventure it has been.  I have been so blessed to be a part of her growing up.  What a gift she is.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Bishop Family.

boo at the zoo

boo at the zoo

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Last night we went to Boo At the Zoo at the national zoo in DC. Katie, her mom, Eden and I went and had a great time trick or treating at the zoo.

There were tons of places where we got candy, toys and learned about what animals do at night. there were so many cool costumes. this is something that I know is going to be fun for years to come.

Katie’s new diapers and deadlines


As my Eden turns 2 years old, I have taken a moment to reflect on the things I have learned in two years of motherhood. Here they are:

  • Babies go through more diapers than you think humanly possible, so always pack more than you think he or she could ever use.
  • Never give your child something to eat in the car that you don’t want to find weeks later under your seat.
  • Play dates are a wonderful idea in theory, but in practice, bring ice and tissues — bumps and tears are mandatory.
  • Leaving the diaper bag in the car actually causes your child to have a blowout.
  • Apple juice ferments quickly in a Sippy cup left hidden in the cushions of the couch. And it will make your toddler tipsy.
  • Read more at  The Frederick News-Post Online – Frederick County Maryland Daily Newspaper

    Free indeed

    “Nothing in this world is FREE!”

    Free treat

    Have you ever heard this phrase before?  I have been thinking about this idea a lot lately.  Specifically in regard to God’s gift of grace for us.  Now I know that the price that was paid on the cross for our sin was huge.  Yet I want to talk about the personal thoughts we have about this grace that we have been extended.  I think that it is really a hard thing for us to wrap our heads around the fact that God’s grace is free.  In fact, the while underlying motivation for this free grace is that we might be set free from the bondage of the world.

    I have been reading Paul’s letter to the Galatians and I can’t help but think it is a message that we really need to hear.  Paul is writing this group of Christians because a group of false teacher or what I have called “super Christians” came into the churches and told them that they need to do all of there extra things to get God’s grace.  They need to do this and that so that they are worthy of the grace. But Paul reminds them that:

    God has no favorites—Gal. 2:6

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