Chromebook photo editing

This morning Going to worship I remembered a great comic from Wes Molebash that would work well with what we were talking about.  When I got to church I fired up the chromebook and went to work.  I have been shocked yet again how awesome this little guy has been.  All day battery life and its simple design keeps me on task.  However it can still whip our a graphic in a pinch thanks to the Pixlr editor.  SWEET

Clean out the junk

The other week I was setting up some automated file back-up and sync processes on our home network.  Very exciting stuff.  The motivation is to make a personal cloud that i can access from anywhere and not have to rely on a 3rd party service (i.e. dropbox)

However the backup continued to fail time after time.  After some digging and testing I found that the problem was with a bad WordPerfect file from 2008  outlining a worship service.

This little file that I had forgotten about brought things to a haul because it was corrupt but not examined.

As we have been studying the book of Malachi at church and the ways that the things that have gone unchecked for years make for a huge problem for God’s people. Their offerings are no longer acceptable and they have lost their way because of corruption that happened years before.

The solution is then two fold:

  1.  Get rid of the clutter- the processes of editing and deleting things that are no longer needed in our lives is a painful but needed task or the result becomes something similar to the spiritual equivalent of hoarders Click here for google image search for a visual
  2. Rebuild the corrupt bits that are critical- This is changing habits and lifestyle to scrape scour and refine to be the people that we want to be.  It is hard and painful work but when you come out in the end it is also empowering to know you are on the right path.

Just some thoughts as I have been studying Malachi 3 this week.

Quiet Office space today

Depending on the day I have about 3 different office spaces that I use in the form of coffee shops in and around Frederick.  Today one was really packed with folks.  So I went across the patio to the Shab Row tea and it is great.   So for the next litte bit this is my office and here is a picture of my view as I post this to the web.