Introverted Pastors Conversations

I have to admit to you that I am an introvert pure and simple.

So the past couple of weeks have had more lunch/coffeehouse meetings than ever it seems like.  Today was no exception and proved to have some really neat conversation and lots of variety.  So i thought I would just share conversations from today:

  • Breakfast coffee:  Talk about the directory we are working on and how it is an important tool for FP
  • post coffee in the coffee house: challenges of syncing on demand video between thousands of people.
  • Gym conversation: need for a variety of different workouts
  • Lunch meeting: micro biology and the neat findings through research with termites.
  • Checking out while getting snack for FCA: Love of Lead Zeppelin and a longing for 8-track players to come back….seriously
  • FCA: why middle schoolers have a hard time listening to their parents
  • Finance meeting: Why there is a strange slot in Jeff’s new laptop
  • With our admin: How to better understand and utilize the facebook news feed algorithm for more views of our page.
  • Finally, Emails about chainsaws and clearing trees

It was a rather interesting day of conversation.  I love my job.