Always wrestling

Ok, so I have to say that there are some really cool parts about being a pastor.  One of the really neat things that I get to do on a weekly basis is sermon prep (study scripture, read books about cool things and share stories with other people about what they think about a certain topic).  There are many things that don’t make the cut for Sunday morning and that challenge or stretch my thinking throughout the week.  There has been some really rich interactions at church and online about these questions that we woudl ask God.  I thought that I would share some of the things from this past week’s prep that i found striking or that has stuck with me.
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shooting the gap

this afternoon we were able to get in some sledding before the sun went down.  The run was a little too short so we added some snow onto the driveway to make the run a little longer.  Also we had to move the cars so that Eden could learn what shooting the gap was.  Next challenge is clearing the gap, but we will need more snow to make the ramps.

Shooting the gap

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Riding with Dad

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