fussy baby=reading time

The past couple of days Bethany has been fussy.  I don’t think she feels that great and maybe a new tooth is coming.  So I have been us more than usual.  So i have taken this time to read more and so in the past 2 days I have read 3 rather good books.


The first, Momentum for life,by Mike Slaughter.  Mike is the Pastor of Ginghamsburg church.  It is a good read that is made better if you know how Mike practices what he preaches.  The book is all about living FULLY into the calling that God has in store for your life.  Through DRIVE (Devotion to God, Readiness for life long learning, Investing in key relationships, Vision for the future, Eating and exercising for life).

Mike walks readers through the fact that if you are going to lead others you have to be able to lead yourself first.  If you are looking for a way that focuses you into a life of renewed energy.  Give it a read Continue reading “fussy baby=reading time”

First Geocache for Eden

Today while coming back from Katie’s church Eden and I stopped off at a little geocache site that I have been wanting to go to for a little while.  Bethany slept through it, so i don’t know it counts for her yet.

So proud of my little girl.  Now she wants to make her own site.  Yes!

Happy All Saints

All saints day is one of those celebration of the year that gets lost in the pumpkin guts and candy hungry members of the mini-justice league.  However, today is the day that we are to remember those saints that have invested so heavily in others.  These people could be the canonized saints, those who our community that lift up, and those people who have left an imprint in our lives.

Today take some time to give thanks for those people who have invested so deeply in you.  Enjoy the day and be a blessing as others have blessed you!!