Humble pumpkin pie

Today to preserve my sanity I went to the gym.  It was not my regular gym in Frederick, but rather another in the chain in Alexandria about 5 blocks from Katie’s parents house (where we retreated to when we lost power from the storm).   So I did my 3 miles on the treadmill and then went up to the weight room where I felt like I went through a time warp back to the 80’s.

It seemed like everyone was dressed in legwarmers, loud colors and huge teased hair.  I don’t know if it was just the culture of that gym, or if it was Halloween (i thought about this possibility after i got back), time of day, or this is where the cast of a Way Off Broadway cast was having their wrap party.  All I know is that i thought it was a bit odd.

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Way to go Ladies

The other week this came across the wire and I couldn’t help but think about the way that the United Methodist Women know what it is to stand for justice in a way we are called by Christ.  They always have the most powerful words at just the right time, or a way to focus us back to what is really important.  At General Conference this year they spent there money on ministry rather than promotions or trinkets that will get tossed out before the representatives get on the plane to go home.  Here is a picture of the sign the put up right before entering to the floor of General conference.

I can’t’ help but think that this is one of those powerful ways ministry is multiplied in the connectional system.

The New Guy

Yesterday was a really neat day in the community.  I got an email this morning from our FCA area director telling me that there was going to be a huddle happening at the middle school we worship in right after school.  “perfect,” I thought.  I grabbed my stuff and I was out the door.  Getting to the middle school I waited for the bell to mark the end of the day.

A minute later, while I was sending an email, The FCA leader introduced herself to me and said “follow me” before I even knew what was happening.  A minute later i was carrying snack, setting up tables and helping students call parents because of a forgotten permission form.  AWESOME!

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This past week marked the one year anniversary of the passing of Steve Jobs. Because I am such a big geek I read tech stories and listen to podcasts that have been writing and talking about the Jobs era. The question that keeps coming up is the conversation that apple and apple followers are having. They continue to ask ,”what would Steve did?”  Or more to the point “this would never have happened under Steve’s watch.” This last comment directed the apple maps issues. Yet people seem or forget about things like the ping music service that finally shut down this week, mobile me and other cloud syncing that didn’t work or maybe most famously the iPhone antenna issues a few years back.

As I read and listen about the era of Jobs I can’t help but think of the church.
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My devo time stinks


Recently I was reading about the importance of spiritual disciplines. I really love to see the way personal holiness takes root in theories of others and I am encouraged when that inward devotion then comes out in really powerful external ways. As I read about the way that these Christ followers would get up every morning and begin the day with devotion and prayer I began to think about my personal devotions.
There are days where I get up and have time read scripture, pray, and then ideally go for a run all before anyone else in the house is up. But the reality is that this happens once a week when the girls are having a sleepover with granny.
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